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Průmyslová keramika, spol. s r.o. (Industrial Ceramics, ltd.)

Průmyslová keramika, spol. s r.o. (Industrial Ceramics, ltd.) is a young dynamic company engaging in production and sale of various types of unshaped refractory materials and components made of such materials.

The company was established in 1991 by de-merging of a research site from a big company for production of refractory materials in Moravia and its privatization. The company is owned solely by natural persons working in the company. The company employs approximately 50 employees at present.

The company is based in Rájec-Jestřebí, a small town situated approximately 30 km in the north from Brno, between the towns of Blansko and Boskovice. The premises of the company are situated in an industrial zone at the south periphery of the town and occupy the area of approximately 19,000 m2. Covered production and administration buildings amount to more than 7,000 m2 of this area.

The complete premises have been progressively extended during years as it was forced by demands of growing production and sales. The general arrangement of the company premises and production equipment is focused on high flexibility allowing immediate response to the demands of the customers, whether referring to quality, quantity or term of delivery. The company produces more than 7,000 t of mixtures and almost 1,000 t of shaped pieces in the value of more than EUR 6 mil. a year currently, however, sales continue to grow from year to year.

Current production part of the premises consists of:

  • Mixing plant
  • Plant for production of refractory shaped pieces
  • Raw material warehouses
  • Finished production warehouse
  • Mould production plant and maintenance workshop
  • Administration building with laboratories

The company supplies its products for a wide range of users, in particular industrial companies:

  • from the field of metallurgy, for iron- and steelworks, coking plants, both ferrous and non-ferrous foundries
  • from the field of power engineering, for heating and power plant boilers, incineration plants
  • for a complete range of furnaces and heat generator sets in silicate and ceramic industries
  • for heat equipment in chemical and petrochemical industries
  • for glass furnaces
  • for stove making industry

Our products can be divided in three main groups:

  1. Refractory materials for casthouse of blast furnaces ( main trough ramming and casting materials, environment friendly stuffing materials)
  2. Complete range of dry castables (standard dense, expanded insulation and, in particular, so called liquefied refractory castables with reduced cement content)
  3. Refractory pre-formed castable shapes (wide range of customized shaped products, application of castables lining into supplied steel parts of heat equipment)

In addition to the basic line of products, the company also produces, in minor quantities, refractory ramming and patching materials, acid resistant and refractory binding agents, various auxiliary materials for stove fitters, opening materials for precise casting and some other refractory materials for special purposes.

The company database of products includes more than 200 types of refractory mixtures at present.

The company focuses mainly on supplies for the customers from the Central European region. A share of production exported out of the Czech Republic already exceeds 50 % of sales which covers both direct export and supplies through other companies.

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